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Steel Mesh Milanaise Bracelet

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Steel mesh bracelet with lug strap


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Combining the originality of a Luxembourg design with the excellence of a Swiss watch mechanism, the Loxo Model One is a precision automatic watch with a timeless and inimitable style. A timepiece inspired by the world of science and the arts.

General information

The casing is made from nickel-free stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass. The only thing harder than this glass is a diamond. 

3 atm watches generally prefer staying dry. While washing your hands poses absolutely no problem, it is not suited for other activities like showering or swimming. 

Winding your watch

This watch does not need to be wound, as it winds itself when you move. Alternatively, you can wind it by turning the crown clockwise. Prior to setting the date, make sure the hands are pointing to 6 o’clock, to avoid internal damage to the clock.


A mechanical watch should undergo a complete servicing around once every five to seven years. This involves cleaning and replacing the watch oil lubricating it.


Color of Hands

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Thanks to a unique technical process, your watch's hands react to UV rays and their colour changes over time in a well defined way. The more you wear it, the more their colour changes towards a copper red.

The Loxo watch perfectly reflects who you are.

Additional bracelets

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The Watch comes with a standard brown leather bracelet.
Here is a collection of our additional bracelets, which can be changed easily, without any tools: 

Genuine leather 20/18mm bracelet with black stitching,

18mm polished steel pin buckle


black leather bracelet



 20/18mm steel mesh bracelet with lug strap



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