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The founder of LOXO


The Loxo brand was born in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2017, under the impulse of a watch collecting enthusiast, Georges Weyer.

A passion that goes back to the younger years of the founder, more precisely the day when one of his aunts offered him his first watch, on the occasion of his communion. First merely objects of aesthetic fascination, these timepieces would soon become an indispensable tool for Georges. For he would attend a boarding school with a very strictly imposed punctuality.

"Everything Begins With An Idea."
– Earl Nightingale

Years go by and Georges Weyer's watch collection grows. However, an idea has been developing in his mind for a while now. Creating his own watch, a personal and unique model that would perfectly fit his taste. Reading an article published in the Financial Times finally convinces him to contact a Swiss manufacturer, specialised in the assembly of watches. An initiative that would eventually shake up his plan and project it into a new dimension.
This watch was now no longer to be a single piece for personal pleasure, George was going to offer it to the general public. The meeting with the Luxembourgish designer Julie Conrad and artist Aude Legrand, a few weeks later, would give his idea the final graphic touch.

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