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Perpetual motion

Combining the originality of a Luxembourgish design and the excellence of a Swiss watch mechanism, 

the Loxo Model One is a precision automatic watch with a timeless and inimitable style.

A timepiece inspired by the world of science and the arts.

Thanks to a unique technical process, your watch's hands react to UV rays and their color evolves over time in a well defined way.

The more you wear it, the more the color changes.

The Loxo watch perfectly reflects who you are.

Discover the watch

« You may delay, but time will not. »

― Benjamin Franklin


The Founder

Georges Weyer, the man behind LOXO.

"Everything Begins With An Idea."  – Earl Nightingale

The Watchmaker

With 60 years of experience, a leading manufacturer of quality Swiss Made Private Label watches.

The artist

Meet Aude Legrand. A French visual artist, passionate about the concept of time.  

The Designer

Meet Julie Conrad, a versatile Luxembourgish designer.

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